Change WhatsApp Font in 2023

WhatsApp is a massive IM service that allows its users to send not only text but also audio, video, and still images of all kinds. That’s why, along with making it easier to talk to colleagues and clients, we’re doing all this.

The messenger allows for a wide range of personalization, including the ability to set custom wallpapers for individual chats. There are other apps that make it invisible and can do much more, such as altering the WhatsApp font. If you’re interested in learning how to do that last item, keep reading and we’ll lay out the whole process for you!

Fonts that are available through WhatsApp

Change WhatsApp Font in 2023

The first available alternative for modifying the WhatsApp font is the most straightforward and is provided by the platform itself. You won’t need any additional software to be able to write in monospace, bold, italics, crossed-out text, or even change the font size with it. All of these features are included.

Monospace is a typeface that has the same amount of spacing between each letter, making it suitable for a wide variety of applications, including art and tables. It offers improved readability in comparison to the vast majority of standard font styles. Simply write three quotation marks before and after the text that you want to use with this font. For example, “‘monospace”‘.

The use of bold is most frequently seen in the context of calling attention to and emphasising titles, significant topics, or keywords. To make use of it, all that is required is to type an asterisk both before and after the text in question. Take, for instance, the word bold.

In most cases, the use of italics is intended to call attention to a phrase or word that is written in a language other than the one being written, in addition to highlighting article titles and authors. Simply placing an underscore before and after the text will cause it to be formatted in italics. For example, italic.

Writing with crossed-out text is another option for changing the font in WhatsApp. This type of joke is frequently used to say something that shouldn’t be said, indicating that a word that shouldn’t have been said got out. To create text that has been struck through, you need only place one tilde before what you have written and one after it. Take, for instance, the phrase “crossed out.”

Finally, in order to make it easier for you to read messages, the app allows you to change the size of the font. To make these adjustments, launch the “Settings” menu of the app and navigate to the “Conversations” and “Font Size” sections. You have the ability to switch between “Small,” “Medium,” and “Large” with this. Keep in mind, however, that you can only accomplish this on an Android device. When working with iOS, you must not only change the font size for the app itself but also for the entire operating system.

Unofficial Methods to Alter the Font

You will need to download an external app such as Stylish Text, which is available for both Android and iOS, BlueWords, which is only available for Android, or Better Font’s Cool Keyboard’s, which is compatible with iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches, in order to have access to a significantly larger selection of fonts to use with WhatsApp.

Although they each have a very different set of functionalities, they all provide users with a variety of fonts from which to choose.

The best part about Stylish Text is that it enables you to change the font that is used in other applications in addition to providing a choice of over one hundred different fonts, user-created custom styles, a choice of letters and numbers contained within dark squares, and so on.

BlueWords is yet another alternative to changing the font that is used by WhatsApp. BlueWords features more than 20 distinct font styles, one of which is blue letters. There is a wide variety of font styles available, including round, square, thin, and dirty letters. It works within other apps, allowing you to select the change you want to make, similar to the one that came before it.

We also have an app called Better Fonts Cool Keyboards, which, unlike the others, is a keyboard app for the iPhone. It gives you the ability to select the font that you want to type without requiring you to complete the text and be prepared to make the change before you can do so. That is to say, you will be able to write in the font of your choice immediately. It is compatible with all messaging apps and comes with over 120 different fonts to choose from.

Even if you don’t want to use any applications, you can still carry out these steps by going to a website and using the browser of your choice. The most well-known of these is the Messletters.

You have access to more than 120 distinct fonts in Messletters, in addition to emojis, arts, huge text, mirrored text, stacked text, and striped text, among many other wonderful options that can be used to make your texts very well stylized.

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